Wednesday, July 11, 2007

ECEAC Press Release 07-11-07

The ECEAC would like to take this opportunity to express our disapproval and concern over the personal attacks, vandalism and irresponsible accusations that have been reported in the Hays Daily News over the last few weeks.

Recently, we were disappointed to learn that the HDN wrongly implicated us in one such issue that grew from an exchange between two individuals in the HDN community forum. The ECEAC not only refrained from becoming involved in this trivial argument, but encouraged others to refrain from involvement as well.

From the beginning of the proposed industrial wind development in Ellis County, the ECEAC has been committed to openly discussing the many pertinent issues. In our efforts to educate the community we have intentionally avoided personal attacks and inflammatory language. We were saddened to read recently that the project manager of CPV Wind Hays was quoted in the Hays Daily using language that does not reflect the same commitment to respecting those who do not fully agree with her.

Though this issue has deeply divided our community, we believe there are well meaning, intelligent and rational individuals on both sides. Unfortunately, there have also been incidents of irresponsible behavior that serve no purpose in an open debate.

The health and safety, economic, environmental and social impacts of this proposed project are far from resolved. As the community continues to explore these concerns, the ECEAC will pursue the central issues responsibly and respectfully. We implore everyone involved to do likewise.

Regardless of one’s opinion of this project or the ultimate decision reached by the commissioners, the citizens of Ellis County need to continue to live and work together in harmony. Please proceed with this in mind.

The Ellis County Environmental Awareness Coalition is a group of concerned citizens dedicated to preserving the natural rural environment of Ellis County, Kansas.

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