Friday, June 29, 2007

Call to Action: Get Involved!

Citizens wishing to contact the Ellis County Environmental Awareness Coalition about their rights or concerns regarding any environmental impact, zoning, or citizens rights issue in regard to preserving the environment of Ellis County, may write to us at P.O. Box 464, Hays, KS 67601, or directly contact these individuals:

  • Tim Davis, Co-Chair of ECEAC, todavis{at}, 785-623-3590
  • John Schmeidler, ECEAC Co-Chair, jschmeidler{at}, 785-259-4314
  • Jacinta Faber, Media Liaison, 785-628-8817
Additionally, any Ellis Co. citizens concerned about the lack of a comprehensive zoning plan in Ellis County or the zoning irregularities should make their opinions known by attending Ellis County Commission meetings (Commission Room at the Courthouse, 1204 Fort Street, Hays, Kansas), held every Monday, and the Ellis County Planning & Zoning Meetings, held every month. Concerned citizens should also write letters to their county commissioners directly by mailing to 1204 Fort Street, Hays, Kansas. The three current commissioners for Ellis County are:
  1. Perry S Henman, Ellis Co. Commissioner, 1st District (western Hays, the city of Ellis & western Ellis Co.)
  2. Dennis J Pfannenstiel, Ellis Co. Commissioner, 2nd District (central Hays & central Ellis Co.)
  3. Vernon L Berens, Chairman, Ellis Co. Commissioner, 3rd District (eastern Hays, Victoria & eastern Ellis Co.): 785-735-9364, 785-735-2883

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