Sunday, September 23, 2007

No one wants to live right next to turbines, especially not in town

Submitted by Betty Dinges, resident of Ellis County:

Last week, I was visiting with some friends who live in town, and they let me know they are "tired of hearing and reading about the wind farm." I guess I have been a bit obsessed about it since I live west of Hays.

But I wonder if the town people would give it some thought if they found out some foreign company had offered the city commissioners a chunk of dough to put these turbines in town. Maybe one on each school playground; a few on the beautiful lawns in front of Hays Medical Center; some on the soccer fields, and surely, Seven Hills Park could handle three or four. No matter the change of scenery, the noise and the health problems they might cause.

Oh yes, and for the person on Lawrence Drive who so looks forward to listening to the "soft woosh" and watching the blades turn in the wind: They must put one closer to her house. If she thinks the sound she would hear clear over there would be a "soft woosh," she surely wouldn't mind hearing the sounds we would be hearing so much closer.

Of course, this can never happen, and the people who live in town won't be affected by the wind farm west of Hays -- or will they?

Betty Dinges
1113 Stonecrest
Hays, Kansas

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