Saturday, May 26, 2007

Caring & Compassion

The following was first submitted to the Hays Daily News by Marion Brown of Hays, Kansas, in May 2007:

Where is the caring and compassion for the health and well-being of neighbors, not to mention the environment? Reference the landowners who would lease their land for a proposed wind turbine project. Among this small group of landowners are ones who do not even live on the land they want to lease, nor do they seem to care about the beauty of the land in its natural state.

The neighbors whose property could be adjacent to wind turbines care about the landscape and preserving their property values and rightly so. Common sense would suggest that a home and property with wind turbines in the vicinity would be less attractive than one without them and have a bearing on the value.

As far as this “not in my backyard” is concerned, why should anyone be subjected to having a project like this in such close proximity to where they reside?

One would think landowners who would lease land might be concerned about any possibility liability on their part if one of those proposed turbines, or parts of one, became airborne during a storm and caused damage to others’ homes or properties.

With this in mind, it would seem there would be plenty of land outside of Ellis County that might be a more appropriate site for wind energy — leaving the land, electric and water intact and as it is in this area.

And, whether living in town or on the outskirts, when looking toward the horizon as the sun rises and sets, who would want to see the view obstructed by monstrous wind turbines?

Marion Brown
Hays, Kansas
May 2007

To Sign the Petition:
If you are an Ellis County, Kansas, resident and you wish to support a petition to stop this wind farm from being constructed next to Hays, Kansas, you can follow this link and leave your name, real address, and a single comment about your support of this petition. Click here now!

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