Saturday, September 15, 2007

We Commend Perry Henman for Voting No on the Wind Farm Zoning Application

Perry Henman (County Commissioner) stood up to the financial bullies and did what is best for Ellis County. He was not persuaded by greed, nor did he act only on possible financial gains. He did what he knows is right. He knows our zoning commission didn't do their job in preparing for this kind of industrialization, so he didn't allow our other commissioners to rush us into something our county is not properly prepared for. We need a moratorium established to put in place proper guidelines first before we progress with something of the magnitude of this wind turbine complex. We also need to respect the rights of all property owners and search for a location better suited for our entire community. Perry Henman understands this, and he should be highly commended. (From: Bruce Rupp, Hays, Kansas)

I am not against wind energy in Ellis County, my concern has always been about location, health and safety issues. The wind blows as much in the southwest corner of the county. Thank you Mr. Henman, for voting with a clear mind, not one clouded by dollar signs and after weighing all the concerns and issues. Apparently, the protest petition was not a concern of the other two commissioners. (From: A.J. Pfannenstiel, 840 150th Ave., Hays, Kansas)

I applaud Perry Henman's courage, strength and intestinal fortitude (guts) to stand up for what he believes. How much easier it would have been to cave in to peer pressure?(Terri Rupp, resident of Ellis County, Kansas)

I think Perry Henman was right on with his decision. We need to step back and do this right, the regulations that are currently in place are simply not adequate. And the thought of signing off now and negotiating later is a travesty waiting to happen. There can be wind energy in Ellis County if it's done right. Tammy Deterding, resident of Ellis County, Kansas

It was probably the wisest thing to do at this point. It would be foolish to sign a contract and then negotiate the terms. Patrick Lowry, did you negotiate wages before or after you took the job? Let's get a moratorium on this until we can have more than 1 1/2 pages to protect us. Rewrite the zoning on industrial wind before we proceed. (from Paul Wildeman, Ellis County, Kansas)

Perry Henman is a man of honesty and courage.¬He is looking out for the better welfare of the community as a whole. The other two commissioners were very very wrong to take the bribe offered to them. Why are they so gullible and naive, when it comes to Krista Gordon's lies? For example, she said that the turbines will be worth the same value 20 years from now as scrap material. "The motor can be sold as a motor and the blades as blades." What a joke that is and what a big fat lie. It is so sad that the other two commissioners can not think for themselves and actually listen with healthy skepticism. (from Angie Grant, resident of Ellis County, Kansas)

Please do not blame Perry Henman. Blame the three county commissioners and the zoning committee that forced countywide zoning down our throats with no respect for the voice of the people. These three men and the committee chairman knew that the wind-farm people would not come in unless county wide zoning was put in place. Had they disclosed their agenda at the very beginning many of these issues could have been worked out and the wind-farm issue would have passed. Instead they upset the masses and we grouped together to oust the sitting commissioners. Perry did nothing more than upset a house of cards that was built on a foundation of deceit and hidden agendas. Perry Henman did not just represent a few hundred people who were against the wind farm, he represented thousands of us who were against the way the old commissioners shoved countywide zoning down our throat. Blame the old commissioners and the biased zoning committee for the defeat of the wind farm. Their total disregard for the will of the people led to their defeat and also the defeat of the wind farm, which would have been a good thing for the county. Let us all hope that the new county regulations are built with a true agenda rather than a hidden agenda. (from Jason Dinges, resident of Ellis County, Kansas)

I applaud Perry Henman for having the insight, integrity and intelligence to prevent this county from getting into a train wreck.¬Now let's make a comprehensive plan with proper and adequate zoning regulations to protect everyone in this county. I despise CPV / Iberdrola (the for profit company from Spain) for what they have done to this county and its people. And by the way, if there are so many people in favor of this industrial project. Then why were there never more than 10 to 20 supporters at their support meetings? (from Bob Goodrow, resident of Ellis County, Kansas)

Mr. Henman did nothing but vote what he felt to be right in his heart. That means¬he has one. Even a jury has the right and the duty to acquit if there is reasonable doubt. This project, as well as the zoning process that brought us to this point, has holes the size of craters. We call that reasonable doubt. Mr. Henman did Ellis County a service by slowing down what might well prove to be a disaster for the county. We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by¬making decisions on something of this magnitude count, and by¬making sure it's the right thing for the right location. Our hats are off¬to you, Mr. Henman. Thank you for feeling compassion for the opponents living in the project area who've been made to feel their concerns are worthless all along. At least someone was listening. We thank you. (from Jim and Luanne Kramer, residents of Ellis County)

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