Monday, June 4, 2007

Money Cannot Replace Trust

The following letter was written by Melinda Pfannenstiel, June, 2007:

Trust lost over wind farm issue I am sure that I don’t have to mention to everyone that Ellis County is a tight-knit community, especially those that live rurally.

Those of us living southwest of Hays were tight even before the wind farm issue ever surfaced. We all live our own lives and respect each other. We know our neighbors and we can depend on them when we are in need. I am very disappointed in the manner in which the (proposed) wind farm came into being.

Those who are responsible for this project have betrayed us, their neighbors, by their behind the scene involvement.

Highly respected citizens have ruined their reputation amongst the people who matter the most, their neighbors.

Webster defines “trust” as a firm belief or confidence in the honesty, integrity, reliability and justice of another person or thing.

I don’t believe your (proposed) wind towers (could) ever earn you enough money to buy back the trust of your neighbors, the people of Ellis County.

This letter from:
Melinda Pfannenstiel
1235 Munjor Road
Hays, Kansas

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