Friday, May 25, 2007

It's Just Too Close to Home & Too Close to Hays

This was submitted by Jody Pfannenstiel. She and her husband live in Ellis County, near the area where the European company wishes to install the monstrously large industrial wind turbine complex next to Hays. Jody and her family do not believe that an industrial complex such as the one proposed should be built so close to Hays. She writes:

Keith and I sat by our fire pit in the back yard last night from 8 to 10:30 PM. One car came by during that time. All we heard were birds, frogs, one oil well off in the distance, the crackling of the fire and a cow moo once! Don't tell me the turbines wouldn't change all that. Not to mention, it was dark except for the moon, stars and the fire. Our electric bill was $17.00 last month.

There's no way we should all have to put with a miserable wind farm just to let people in the big cities keep up their electric wasting, gas wasting lifestyle.

Posted by Jody Pfannenstiel

To Sign the Petition:
If you are an Ellis County, Kansas, resident and you wish to support a petition to stop this wind farm from being constructed next to Hays, Kansas, you can follow this link and leave your name, real address, and a single comment about your support of this petition. Click here now!

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