Saturday, April 28, 2007

Maps: Exactly Where Turbines Would Be Built in Hays

While I am in favor of wind energy, in general - I strongly believe that these very large industrial complexes and huge turbines should be built in unpopulated areas.

The industrial wind complex that private developers are hoping to build in Hays, Kansas, is very large - very close to the city of Hays - and, extremely close to homes. It is TOO close. These turbines do not belong this close to the city of Hays.

It is crazy and ludicrous to consider building such an unsightly and unsafe industrial complex so close to Hays! There are many cultivated farms (and uncultivated, for that matter) in farther western Kansas that could use the private revenues generated from wind turbines. These complexes belong in less populated counties. Ellis County is the wrong place to build it.

Check out these two maps for yourself. You should see for yourself how close these huge turbines would be to homes and to Hays. This should be of interest to all Ellis County citizens. Just click these thumbnail images to see the full-size maps.

This first map is the best as it shows the rezoning area very clearly:

(This last graphic is courtesy of the Hays Daily News)

To Sign the Petition:
If you are an Ellis County, Kansas, resident and you wish to support a petition to stop this wind farm from being constructed next to Hays, Kansas, you can follow this link and leave your name, real address, and a single comment about your support of this petition. Click here now!

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